Wild Island 'Sacred Tree' Gin


Wild Island ‘Sacred Tree’ Gin uses an array of carefully selected Autumn fruits, including brambles hand gathered on the island, added to a composition totalling 22 individual botanicals to create an incredibly complex, ripe fruit, spicy-sweet contemporary London Dry style gin.

The ancient Scots observed a ‘sacred tree’ calendar of which the bramble vine was one representing the month of September. It was during the month of September that the fruits were gathered and it is the bramble to which the distillers are giving prominence due to its predominant character.



Providing lots of natural sweetness, the fruit of the bramble vine was consumed in Neolithic times and was shrouded in superstition. It grows wild on the island and is hand gathered before being added to our ‘Sacred Tree’ botanicals.


Even is small quantities, redcurrants add a tart, sparkling quality to our botanical composition. While their growth can be regarded as wild across the island, we grow and gather what we need on our croft.


Flourishing in late summer and early Autumn, rosehip is gathered and dried to be added to our botanicals. The berries give off a slightly tart, honey-like sweetness.


While the raw fruit is relatively bland to taste, elderberries pick up more intense sweet flavour when soaked and heated for distillation. A small amount contributes to overall juicy mouthfeel of the spirit.

Rowan Berries

Not typically eaten raw, the rowan berries hand gathered on the island give a subtle bitterness to the spirit when distilled. They have been used for centuries in liquors and cordials.

Crab Apple

Crab apple has the same cheek-puckering effect as citrus fruit when eaten raw. Distilled by the right hands and in the correct quantities, however, it adds a gentle acidity to help balance the rich, sweet ripe fruit characters.

RT @BaddeleyBros @thirst_craft created a bottle for @WildIslandGin inspired by the gin itself - infused with hand-gathered botanicals in the Island of Colonsay. The bottle has a watercolor design printed o, seeing it through the distortion of glass and liquid.

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