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When we set out to create a unique gin in celebration of the beauty and character of Colonsay, we decided to enlist the skill of world renowned Master Distiller, Rob Dorsett of Langley Distillery.

Rob has over 40 years’ experience as a distiller and working with him to create Wild Island Botanic Gin was an education and privilege.

The spirit is produced in a traditional copper pot still, McKay by name, which dates back to the 1860s and is one of the oldest working in the UK. Langley, in the heart of the Black Country, has a heritage dating back to 1805 and is one of the country’s last surviving family owned distilleries.

On Colonsay, island distiller Chris works closely with Rob in creating a botanical series- Distiller’s Cut. These limited edition specials feature the best in-season flora from the island and are produced on Colonsay’s first legal still in our Wild Island Distillery.
They are available to purchase exclusively from our shop. New releases will be announced on our social media platforms. Keep an eye on our pages for more exciting news coming soon.
The Process

The Still

McKay is a 200 litre copper still of traditional design that has been producing quality spirits since the 1860’s


Our Colonsay botanicals are loaded into the still along with Juniper and nine others – and then the magic begins. The still is closed and steam begins to circulate. This gentle heat slowly begins to draw out the essential oils from the botanicals macerating them overnight.

The result

The skill of the distiller comes to the fore now with the head of the distillate discarded, the heart gathered and the end of the process, the tails, once more excluded leaving a super smooth spirit ready to be cut to our signature strength of 43.7% abv.

RT @BaddeleyBros @thirst_craft created a bottle for @WildIslandGin inspired by the gin itself - infused with hand-gathered botanicals in the Island of Colonsay. The bottle has a watercolor design printed o, seeing it through the distortion of glass and liquid. 1ad.biz/s/g3lnu pic.twitter.com/V8DxZggNRe

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