Colonsay's Weather

Monday 4:27 pm, 20th May, 2024
Overcast Clouds
10.95°C to 10.95°C
Humidity: 67 %
Wind: 2.75 km/h

Isle of ColonsayWILD ISLAND

Colonsay is a tiny and remote island two and a quarter hours by ferry from the mainland – a place of massive contrasts and stunning beauty.

Long sandy beaches with seal covered reefs offshore, soaring sea cliffs, abundant birdlife and a population of about 130 people.

They say in these parts you get four seasons in a day as the great Atlantic weather systems sweep over the island. With nothing between here and Canada those weather systems bring fearsome and dramatic winter storms.
In summer the island enjoys more sunshine that any other part of Britain.

There is an award winning hotel, a general store selling everything you need, a little café, The Pantry, that is the hub of the community and a well stocked bookshop.

Together with the freshest oysters, prized honey from our native Black Bee and The Colonsay Brewery beers it all adds up to a great island experience.


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Kiloran Bay

The watercolour design that appears on every bottle of Wild Island Botanic Gin depicts the colours and contours of the majestic Kiloran Bay at the northern end of our remote Hebridean Island.

A gentle stroll here along the sands with nothing but bird-song in the sky, fresh sea-salty air on the lips and the ocean ebbing and flowing beneath your feet is one of life’s true pleasures.